Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting to Know Mrs. Brunette

Hey guys! I am so excited that I have two followers! That is a good start after one day I say! :-) Thanks for reading and following! 

I decided that while I am sitting here saying "please, please, please let this work out" to myself that I should do my getting to know me blog for all my new readers, and readers to come. Now I can't say yet what I am "please, please, pleaseing" for because I don't want to jinx it. Course if it doesn't happen then I am going to be a very depressed person. I also hope I don't have to wait till Monday to find out because I suck at waiting to find stuff out, it just drives me insane. Anyway, time to get to know me, yes bullet points will be involved because I like fellow bloggers, love using them! What is it about bullet points that are so appealing anyway?!

* First off I am 23 years old, I graduated in May 2010 with a major in History (emphasis on ancient history) and a minor in political science, I was pre-law and had every intention of going to law school since I was a little girl. However, that has since changed and I don't think I will ever go. So now I am not sure what I will do, maybe go back to grad school and get my PhD in history and teach or something. I would love to be a museum curator and open up my own one. Or even start my own event planning business. I realize I need to decide what I want to do, but I also realize I can't rush it or I will end up doing something I don't like.

* I am getting married June 18 to the man of my dreams and my best friend. He is my lobster (Friends reference, I truly believe almost everything can somehow be referred to a Friends reference. I wish that show was still on TV). I can't believe it is 30 days till we are getting married! I am trying not to stress about everything that needs to get done by then.

* I chose the name of this blog because I am a Bride and I thought of a blushing bride, but since I will not be a blushing bride forever I decided I will however be a brunette forever, so there came Confessions of a Blushing Brunette.

* On April 1 I did radio iodine treatment to kill my thyroid. I was hyperthyroid, so hyper in fact that I was told I had to stop playing soccer and exercising because I could give myself a heart attack with how fast it was making my heart beat. Let me just tell you I definitely cried after that Dr.'s appointment because one soccer season had just started, two I needed to work out for my wedding abs I want, and three who wants to hear you could give yourself a heart attack?! I mean that is already a fear I have. However, after being confined for 3 days after the treatment, because I was radiating. My thyroid is now dying and I will eventually go hypothyroid, which is better, but will have to take a pill forever. But hey better than a heart attack right?!

* I am obsessed with anything have to do with Pirates, I even wrote my senior thesis on pirates. Yes I am going to the midnight showing tonight of the new pirates. And yes I am in love with Johnny Depp, especially if he is dressed up like Jack Sparrow!

* I love spending time with my parents and family. I love being close with them and being able to share everything with them.

* For some reason I sign up for thousands of emails, like daily recipes, daily workout information, etc. Yet I never get around to reading them all and then end up with over 6000 unread emails, with personal emails stuck somewhere in between. 

* I have to have all of my movies alphabetized or I go insane. If they get out of order I go all ocd and I have to fix it. I also have my clothes organized by type of shirt and then color organized. 

* I really hate when the house is dirty (even though our apartment is a pit) it really stresses me out and I can hardly relax. And then yet I get it clean and then along comes the boy and there is a moat around my newly cleaned sink.

* I am a bath girl, I used to stay in there for hours on end until I was a prune! I still prefer baths to showers. I hate showers, they take too long, are too much work, and then you have to dry your hair. 

* If I could I would still play with Barbies. 

* I always am finding way too many things to collect even though I know there is no room or not enough money to collect everything I want. 

* I love animals I have 2 cats at my apartment, 2 at my parents, 2 dogs at my parents and 1 dog at my apartment. If I had a butt load of money I would build a place where I could rescue all the animals at the pounds and shelters.

* I am a very caring person. I am a really great friend, I would do anything and everything for my friends. I am loyal and would never stab them in the back.

* I love playing soccer and piano. 

* I love reading, I get really annoyed when I read long books and they take awhile because I feel like I am a slow reader even though I am not.

* I hope to one day write my own book series. 

* I am a country girl at heart. I would love to live on a farm.

* I hate scary movies, and I can't watch murder shows because then I will be freaked out and think it will happen to me. 

* I can't take showers when no one else is home because I feel like someone could break in and I wouldn't know it and I would be stuck in a shower with nothing to defend myself. 

* Oklahoma is my second home.

* I love everything Disney. DisneyWorld is my favorite place to go, I never get tired of it.

* My goal is to visit all 50 states at some point in my life. I also want to visit Europe, Australia, New Zealand.

* I am afraid of dying. Yes it is a strange thing, but if I think about it I instantly cry. I can't imagine not seeing my family and friends. And silly as it may be I think wow they will still be making movies and I won't get to see them! 

* I am extremely indecisive, I wish it wasn't so but it is. 

* I get stressed really easy, and am trying to get better because I know I will live longer if I am not stressed all the time.

* I am extremely afraid of getting an aneurysm. Yes this is true. 

* My best friend in the whole world is Katie, she is my Moose Brother! 

* My favorite color is Purple, dark purple though not lite purple.

* I love scrapbooking and crafting, even though I never really find the time to do it as often as I would like. Adam likes to say I more collect stuff for it but never use it. 

* I love baking, especially cupcakes! 

I am sure I could go on and on, but I will stop now. If you are still reading I am impressed! Hopefully I will acquire some new readers/followers! See Y'all later have a great Thursday! Yay for tomorrow being Friday and one week till Vegas!!

~Mrs. Brunette

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  1. OMG... are we related? I had to have RAI too in 2004. My fav color is purple, and yes the darker one not so much the lighter one.. i am indecisive... i love all things disney (thank goodness i live in FL)... i love to read.. i love baths... and i have considered being an event/wedding planner!!! So you have a new follower!!!