Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Hey Y'all, hope you are having a good Monday, or at least as good as a Monday can be! It was a pretty busy and tiring weekend, but it was also an extremely fun weekend! 

On Friday I ran after work to pick up some hairspray from my hairstylist to take with me when I did my wedding hair trial on Saturday. Yes this may seem weird, but let me tell you after the first trial run it would not seem weird to you at all! When they did the first trial my curls did not hold, now I told them in the beginning my hair does not hold a curl, and they were like well this medium hold hairspray will work. And in the back of my mind I was like no it won't but we shall see, guess didn't. Well so this could have been fixed by then just recurling the ones that had fallen down and used more and stronger hairspray. However, the teacher made them completely wash out my hair and start over with rollers. I was there for 5 hours! Let me tell you I don't do good sitting for that long. When they were doing the rollers they used a gel to make my curls stay. I looked like a hot mess when it was over (you know that song How Mess by I think Cobra Starship, ya that song was in my head the whole time) what I got was some oily looking stringy poofy curls because the teacher decided that is how I wanted it. The students did better before she touched it. Anyway it took me 4 washes to finally get the sticky out of my hair, and over a week to get the smell out. I had to literally wash my hair with dish washing soap to get it out. So now you know why I went and got my hairspray from my stylist. Anyway, after that I was scrambling around getting the last of Katie's 21st birthday present, while also trying to finish getting things to make our Pimp Cups for the bachelorette party trip to Vegas this Thursday. 

On Saturday it was time to celebrate my Moose Brother, Maid of Honor, Best Friend Katie's 21st Birthday!!! I was so excited! I had been waiting for her to turn 21 for forever!!! Anyway, I ran one more errand for her birthday and for my pimp cup decorations. Then I ran by her house to pick her up to go do a hair trial. I got to have a yummy Mimosa before we left. Then we went and got out hair done. Mine actually came out good this time. I told her no curlers, no gel and you did better than the teacher so don't let her touch my hair. Katie liked her hair but it was not really what she was wanting so I think she will do something different on the wedding day. But I am pleasantly happy with my hair and I think it will be the one I do for the wedding. However, I can't decide if one more trial run is in need or not just to see if there another style I like. 

After our hair trial I dropped Katie off so we could both go get ready and get the boys. Her boyfriend got us a hotel room at Hotel Andaluz, omg one of the nicest hotels I have been at! Truly it is amazing! We met for dinner at Chili's and Katie and I both had a Presidente Margarita, we also sneakily stole the shakers so that she could have a souvenir! It was really yummy, of course I had to sit there and watch OKC Thunder lose to stupid Dallas, but whatever. We also looked super hot in our little black dresses. However, I did find out that if I walk for a long period of time the dress will slowly ride its way all the way up, so thank goodness I had a long jacket on ha ha! 

After that we stopped by the hotel to check in and let her open her presents and get one car so we didn't have 2 everywhere we went. Next stop was the Hardrock Casino! We had a lot of fun! We had some Patron shots, an Around The World shot and a Vegas Bomb. It took us a while to feel anything which was weird. But after awhile we felt it. Katie and I were gambling on one machine while the boys went off and did their own thing. We however, got to talking and hardly gambled. Then as we were sitting there gambling (oh side note she had a crown that said Happy Birthday that would light up) some guy comes up gets right in her face looks her up and down and goes your hot, that's all I got to say and then walks off. It was hilarious! He was not bad looking either! 

After the casino it was time to run downtown so she could have a chance to dance. Well we get in line and there are four of us and only 3 people come out so I am like it's her 21st birthday can't we just go in please, and yup folks it worked! So we get there go figure right at last call so we are at the bar and this bartender comes up and asks what we want, we say something that we will feel after we drink it. So he comes up with with looks like blue concoction of glass cleaner, kid you not, I think it had long island vodka but not sure. It was definitely strong. He also gave us 4 shots for $9 bucks! Then he ended up giving her a free half of a beer. And we told him it was her 21st and asked if we could have another. Well he gave her a shot of Grey Goose and then I begged him to give me one because she was my best friend and couldn't do a shot alone and guess what I got one too! Okay coolest bartender ever, I mean we even had dates so he couldn't even hit on us! He also gave all four of us his glow band bracelets. However, we missed dancing but was totally worth it. 

After that we headed back to the hotel and hung out in the room while the boys raided the minibar and had lots of different shots. Let's just say the next morning we were not all feeling great. We had free breakfast though so we had to get our butts out of bed and get down there by 11. The food was pretty good. We were all so thirsty we drank like a gallon of water. Then it was time to go home. It was a lot of fun though! Great weekend right there! I will post pictures on the next post!

P.S. On a side note I finally saw Risky Business (yes I know for shame I had never seen it, also still never seen Animal House, Top Gun, or Mission Impossible) anyway! I really enjoyed the movie and now I keep saying "You know sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck" I mean how true is that! Best part of the movie is where he is having the interview with the Princeton guy says that puts on his glasses, his hooker g/f comes in and says what's the verdict, and Tom Cruise goes "looks like it's the university of Illinoise" with a big thumbs up and a grin! Just had to add that in there. 

Have a great Monday evening and rest of the week!

~Mrs. Brunette

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  1. That is whack they put so much crap in your hair! If you lived in my area I would send you to my salon. If you go to a salon and your curls don't hold- it is THEIR fault...they know the right way to get a curl to stay for two days on my hair- no joke!